•  Play card games
  •  Code new ones
Your deck. Your rules.


Find your old favorite card games and discover new ones. Then just play with your friends or join competitive tournaments.



Learn how to code by modifying simple rules or master your skills and create advanced artificial intelligence.



Build a community around your game. See how other people play it and get feedback on your code.


Competitive mode

Enter tournaments, gather career statistics, and win prizes.

Long game sessions and offline mode

Play games that span over days. Just make your move when you have the time and be notified when your opponent made theirs. You can even play alone when missing network connectivity.

Strategy guides

Learn to be a better player. Go through comprehensive tutorials, replay selected games, and get advice from professionals.


Rules and bots editor

Code you own rules and computer opponents (bots) right in the site embedded editor. Immediately see your game in action, play it with your friends, or let your bots win games for you.

Deck designer

Upload new card designs and define your own custom properties.

Coding courses

Learn how to code in a fun environment. Courses range from foundation of programming to modern web technologies to practical artificial intelligence algorithms.



Join discussions, get feedback, and get credit and privileges for your contributions.

Cross-platform support

Play on different devices and social platforms. Facebook, PC, Mac, tablets, smartphone, and even smart-TVs will be supported.


Low vision and dyslexia are mitigated by allowing for customization of card sizes, font sizes, color contrast, and layout. Additionally, text input support facilitates people with motor control difficulties.